I Love My Dogs paw magnet - black *bargain bin*
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5.25" x 5.6" I Love My Dogs paw magnet - black *bargain bin* 

*MMBB items may vary from their regular-stock counterpart and each other - e.g. color or style (text, image, font).
*MMBB items include magnets that were mis-print or mis-cut and look good otherwise.
*MMBB items may contain barely perceptible irregularities, none of which will affect performance or longevity of the item and none of which are perceptible when magnet is in use on a vehicle. 
*MMBB items are sold as-is.
*MMBB items are not eligible for return or refund.

Thickness: 25 mil

UV Resistant 

  • Item #: CLRPAW234

I Love My Dogs paw magnet - black *bargain bin*

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