Emergency Info: MY PET IS HOME ALONE Key Tag & Wallet Card *NEW*
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MY PET IS HOME ALONE Key Tag & Wallet Card *NEW*

This one-of- a-kind, combination KEY TAG and WALLET CARD with plastic WRITABLE surfaces alerts emergency personnel that you have a pet home alone who needs to be cared for.  

The KEY TAG goes on your key ring and tells them your name, your address, number of pets, emergency contact and their number. 

The WALLET CARD contains all information the key tag contains plus your pets’ names, vet information, and extra space to write notes like feeding and medicine instructions, additional contact information, hiding places, and so on.

The key tag alerts the reader to “Please See Wallet Card” but each piece is designed to stand alone bearing the critical information necessary for your pet's care, without each piece needing to reference the other.

The KEY TAG is 2 5/8" x 1 1/8", and the WALLET CARD is 3 3/8" x 2 1/8" (credit card size and thickness).  Both pieces are plastic that is 30mil thick.

We've foundone particular pen to be the best, most durable pen to use for writing your info on the Emergency Pet Info KEY TAG and WALLET CARD:  Identi-Pen.  Made by Sakura, Identi-Pen is available on Amazon.com and other online merchants.  With this pen you get maximum durability plus sharp bold print.  Allow a few seconds for it to dry to become WATERPROOF.

And for added protection with Identi-Pen or in lieu of it, you can place a piece of clear packing tape over the tag/card and then trim it, creating a protective cover akin to lamination. 

The benefits don't end there!  These are perfect for rescue, shelter, and adoption organizations!
-- 1 piece for easy resell or inclusion in adoption kits
-- 1 piece that breaks apart easily along perforations
-- Waterproof
-- Heavy duty 30mil WRITABLE cards, not paper cards
-- A must-have at all your functions

Speak for your pet in any situation.  Tell emergency responders your pet needs their help, too.    

Makes a terrific emergency pet care KIT when combined with item# EMER102, our EMERGENCY PET INFO Magnet!

  • Item #: EMER101

Emergency Info: MY PET IS HOME ALONE Key Tag & Wallet Card *NEW*

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